Welcoming Winter To The Isle of Wight

Welcoming Winter To The Isle of Wight

Getting Ready For Winter

Winter Walking

Welcoming Winter To The Isle of Wight

Welcome to the winter season, now is the time to make sure you're ready for the winter months.

With its risk of Ice, snow, frost, storms and falling temperatures – yes, it is the time of year again, get your homes set up before the worst of the bad weather hits. A little time and effort spent on prevention work now could help save you a lot of trouble.

Burst pipes, blocked drains and broken gutters can all result in significant damage to homes, and, of course, significant repair bills, so we advised you to check they are in good repair.

Our online reporting facility is there for you

If there is anything you are having problems with, be it windows, doors or walls and please do let us know about any dripping pipes.

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Check your home

Areas to pay particular attention to include the roof, pipes, heating system, garden and outbuildings.

Take a look at your roof in the daylight to make sure it looks in good order and if you’re able to clear the gutters and drains of leaves and debris this could help avoid structural damage and damp.

Blocked gutters can also cause excess water, which can freeze to form dangerous patches of ice so it is vital you are vigilant.

Do you have an open fire? If so, make sure the chimney has been swept.

Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms if they are fitted ensuring all the batteries are replaced as needed.

Test your heating system and make sure it is in working order, don’t forget the batteries in your room thermostats too.

Frozen pipes are the big fear once the temperature falls, but there are things you can do to protect your home.

If you’re heading away for a few days over Christmas, leave the heating on a timer or a low setting of at least 10°C, this is to ensure that pipes do not freeze should there be a severe frost.

Don't Ignore Your Garden

If you have a garden now is a good time to give it a once over.

While high winds are by no means confined to winter, make sure your garden furniture and wheeled bins are secured.

Inspect fencing too, as it is much cheaper to replace a single panel now rather than an entire fence later in the season. It is also advised to check for damaged or dangerous tree branches that need to be trimmed.

Decking can become extremely slippery if not well maintained.

Think about jet washing your decking to ensure it is clean and safe – although it goes without saying it is a good idea to check the forecast first to avoid creating an ice rink.

Check that your outside lighting is working, something that is particularly important if your rental property has steps or other features which make it difficult to get around when it is dark and slippery. Also check any steps and handrails.

If you have outside taps, insulate them, or even better, turn them on and drain them (leaving the tap open to allow any ice to escape) and isolate them at the valve, if you have one, during the winter.

We want you to enjoy the season with the minimum of "stress free living" and the team here at Maher Ross are here to help you.