Deposit Retention?

Deposit Retention?

What can you expect?

Deposit Retention?

A Deposit Retention?

Have you had a deposit retention recommended?  The aim of this article is to explain how your deposit retention has been identified and why it is likely to be costed at commercial rates.

The Inventory

Maher Ross spends a great deal of time and money to ensure that the independent written inventories we commission are accurate and backed up by a large number of high quality photographs. We don’t charge our tenants for this service but it is very valuable for you; helping to provide  a considerable amount of peace of mind and the knowledge that you are very well protected against any ‘overly ambitious’ claims.

The Checkout

When you’ve left the property, an independent checkout clerk will inspect the property and compare it in detail with the Inventory that you signed when your tenancy commenced.  All issues which are considered to be in excess of fair wear are clearly listed and costed at full commercial rates; as agreed in section 19.8 and Appendix A of your tenancy agreement.

Why Commercial Rates? 

Sometimes, our tenants are disappointed because deposit deductions are based on rates charge by a commercial contractor who can undertake the work at short notice. 

Please bear in mind that we can only use fully qualified, insured, reliable and professional firms to carry out the work.  The contractors we use have to meet CDM 2015 regulations, our own Health and Safety requirements and need to be able to attend in accordance with our access limitations.  This generally has the result of lifting the costs into ‘full commercial’ territory. 

For example: to replace a standard light-bulb will be no less than £4, or an hour’s cleaning or gardening will be costed at £25 - often with a minimum charge of £50 or more.

Why do Maher Ross Charge 25% Extra?

Most Maher Ross properties are handed back clean and in excellent condition however, if a retention is recommended these charges are generally increased by a further 25% cover our own administrative time and additional costs.  You agreed to this in Section 19.8 and Appendix A of your tenancy agreement.

Finally, If your property is handed back in a condition which is likely to require over 4 or more hours of our administrative or management time to resolve, then we reserve the right to cover our additional costs by adding a further 25% overall surcharge.

Further Information

There is a great deal of further information which may be helpful to you, for example: