Help - Is There a Power Cut?

Help - Is There a Power Cut?

RCD Fuse Box


RCD Protected socket

Help - Is There a Power Cut?

If your power goes off in all or part of your property this would normally indicate one of the 4 following problems:

a.  You've run out of credit on your meter (not many of our properties have pre-payment meters).

b.  There's a power cut in your area. 

c.  Your residual current device (RCD) has tripped (this often happens after a light-bulb blows).

d.  A fuse has blown - most likely because of a faulty appliance or faulty wiring.

If you've lost all of your electricity, we recommend that you first take a look outside to see if your neighbours still have power - if not, then there might be a power cut in your area.  You can now check or report on any local power cuts by dialling "105" - from your mobile or any landline or by visiting the website at :

Is there a Powercut - Then Dial 105!

If it's a problem that just affects your property, then it's very likely to be the RCD that's tripped - this is a life-saving device designed to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock if you touch something which is live or faulty.  RCD's are located at the electricity supply fuse box and some properties may have additional electrical outlets with individual RCD’s built in.

To reset an RCD, find your electricity box, look for the trip switch that has caused the problem and re-set it by moving it back onto the 'on' position. 

If it won't reset, then you will need to disconnect everything that's plugged in around your house and then try again to reset it.  You should then be able to work out by a process of elimination which of your appliances is causing the problem. We suggest that you keep one light on so you know when the power's back on.

If you conitnue to have a problem then we recommend you report the issue to us using our 'Fixflo' system.  You can report the issue on line by clicking HERE  !!!