Moving On and Checking Out?

Moving On and Checking Out?

Getting ready to move!

Moving On and Checking Out?

If you've decided to move on to your next property, there are some fairly straightforward steps that you can take to help ensure that everything goes smoothly for you... 

Serving Notice 

Check your Tenancy Agreement; If you’re on a Fixed Term tenancy, then you are only able to leave at the end of the fixed term.  In this case, you will still need to serve Maher Ross with just over over a month’s written notice or you’re likely to be liable for up to another full month of rent. 

If you are on a Periodic (or Rolling) tenancy, then you simply need to serve Maher Ross with just over one month's written notice before the rent due date. If you miss this day, you will be responsible for at least another full month of rent. 

Informing Utilities 

Give your energy suppliers plenty of notice that you are moving out so they can organise a final bill. It is also advised that you take a photo of the meter readings on your final day for your records. Inform any other suppliers that you are moving out such as Phone, Internet or TV.  Under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement, you remain responsible for the utilities and Council Tax up until the last day of your tenancy - not just the day you move out. 

If you have changed the meters for 'Key Meters', then you will need to arrange to have these changed back before you leave - if Maher Ross are required to undertake this work for you, it takes us a considerable amount of time and we are required to charge a hefty £120 per meter.

Getting Ready for Checkout 

So you know you’re going to have to prepare your property before you hand it back to Maher Ross.  Please remember that you have agreed to hand back the property in precisely the same condition you got it in - allowing for only a small amount of “Fair Wear and Tear”.  

Maher Ross will have given you a copy of the inventory just after you moved in - it’s a great idea to dust of the photo DVD and the written Schedule of Condition and to remind yourself of what the property looked like when your tenancy started.  Be warned - sometimes this can be VERY surprising! 

If you rent a furnished property, ensure that all the furniture is left without any damage and in exactly the same location that it was when you moved in. This makes it less likely for you to be charged for items that are missing - but just in another room or drawer. 

Cleaning costs and unpaid rent are the top reasons why deposit money is withheld when a tenant moves out of a rented property. 

It’s always easiest to move if you have managed to ‘keep on top of’ the cleaning and tidying during your tenancy.  We always advise our tenants to leave the property how they would want to find it - this way, the next occupants are ready to move in.  

The problems we experience most often include ovens, cupboards, floors, bathrooms and windows.  Please bear in mind that full commercial cleaning rates are often charged at £25 per hour and so a couple of extra hours cleaning could save you over £50! 

Please don’t leave any belongings or rubbish at the property - it’s all time-consuming and expensive to remove.  The same for light-bulbs - please make sure they are all working when you leave - It’s a lot cheaper to do this yourself if you know how to do so.  It is NOT acceptable to leave full bins at the property and these must be emptied before the Checkout Inspection.

We know that gardens can be an issue - please hand it back clean and tidy with the grass cut.  We do ask our Inventory Clerks to photograph compost heaps and ‘grass dumps’ - so please make sure that they are the same size or smaller than when you first moved in! 


If it was agreed that you could have pets in the property, you are required to have the carpets professionally cleaned and treated for pests at the end of the tenancy. A receipt with proof of this will help you get your deposit back. 


Maher Ross don’t forward or re-direct post, instead, we encourage all of our tenants to organise a redirection with the Post Office. 

The Checkout 

When you’ve left the property, an Independent Checkout Clerk will inspect the property and compare it with the Inventory.  Any issues in addition to Fair Wear and tear will be listed and if the Clerk recommends a retention, then it will be costed at full commercial rates and will refer where required to ARLA and NLA guidelines. 

Would you Like Your Deposit Back?

If you would like your deposit back in full, then we very strongly encourage you to read the following article:


Ask us Any Questions

We know that moving on from your property can be a daunting experience and despite some of the restrictions outlined above, we really are here to help!  If you have any queries on how your property should be left and what your responsibilities are, don’t hesitate to contact us at Maher Ross on 01983 563000.