Do you have a 'Tarmac' Drive?

Do you have a 'Tarmac' Drive?

Tarmac needs care too!

Do you have a 'Tarmac' Drive?

Caring for a 'Tarmac' drive is generally very straight-forward but we (very) occasionally encounter problems where they are not being maintained properly.  We were recently sent a few tips from a Company which deals with their installation and maintenance which we thought might be useful:

Bitumen (or 'Tarmac') surfaces are generally pretty tough and are resistant to occasional oil droppings - but they can be softened and seriously damaged by oil spillages and this can lead to the surface breaking up.

Where oil spillages have occurred, the best course of action is to soak up the oil before it has time to damage the asphalt using cat litter, sawdust, dry sand, paper, cloth etc.

If the oil (or any other chemical) has already penetrated the asphalt, you should protect the surface from stress (keep traffic off where possible) and give the contaminant time to evaporate away. With petrol this will be very rapid; diesel fuel will take several months but should eventually return to normal.

In many cases simply washing the driveway carefully with copious amounts of water is recommended.

Point loading, trailers and caravans, motorbikes and ladders

The jockey wheels of trailers and caravans, and the feet of ladders can easily dent the driveway surface - especially on newly laid driveways and warm south facing driveways.  We advise you use a block of wood, plank, sheet of plywood, paving slab, etc. to spread the load.

Weeds, Vegetation, and Soil Debris

Older drives can be prone to growth of vegetation and the best course of action is to kill this by means of a leaf acting weed killer such as 'Roundup'. Carefully remove the dead foliage by scraping, but do not attempt to pull out the roots as this could disturb the driveway. If necessary treat the root with appropriate water-based brushwood or root weed killer.

Tip:- Surface vegetation is best removed by scrubbing with water, a general weed killer and a stiff brush. Please be very careful with power washers as they can damage the surface.

The independent Inventory and Check-Out Clerks that Maher Ross use always photograph driveways and compare the condition before and  the end of the tenancy.  If you were thinking about changing your own car engine then please go ahead - but on someone else's drive!