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Report Repairs through

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Report Repairs through

With plenty of rain, wind and cold weather expected this winter, it's a busy time of year for property repairs.  We ask all of our tenants to report their repairs to us using our online reporting system.  This can be accessed very easily by clicking on the tenant tab at the top of our website - then click the repairs banner at the top.

To see what it looks like - simply look at the Repairs Banner above or click HERE! to refresh the page.

You can even set the reporting system as an 'app' by following the instructions that pop up on your mobile phone.

Reporting online means that our tradesmen can identify the problem much faster, bring the correct spares and tools with them, and can carry out any research they need before arriving at your property.  Please contact Graham on 01983 563000 if you need any help on how to use Fixflo.