Spring Maintenance

Spring Maintenance

Spring Hedgehog

Spring Maintenance

Welcoming in the new season

Its great to be back out of the dark and gloomy winter season and now its time to be looking forward to how we intend to fill the year with fun and relaxation. Of course the winter takes its toll on any property and there are some general tasks that can be taken care of to keep your home in good order. Here we have put down a few items that can easily be taken care of and prevent bigger problems in the future.

Guttering – Check for loose/leaky gutters and prepare for those April Showers. Clearing blocked gutters can help prevent leaks that could lead to water damage in the property. 14% of homeowners in the UK had problems with guttering last year.

Check seals and trimmings – exposed wood trims around doors and windows can be damaged by spring rains, while Winter can cause seals to harden and crack. Repair these factors ASAP otherwise water can get into the property causing long-term damage.

Clean up landscaping – broken tree limbs and dead plants including weeds may have taken over your garden during the Winter, it is best to tend to your garden for both presentational and safety purposes. Sometimes tree branches can interfere with electric lines so it is best to keep an eye on things around those lines. Weeds can also damage driveways and patios by growing through tiny cracks in the material leading to extensive damage. Inspect concrete slabs/patio for signs of cracks and movement. As well as looking untidy, a broken patio can cause drainage problems when it rains.

Don’t turn off the radiators completely – it seems cost efficient but it can cause damp problems meaning further cost to get rid of the damp. Central heating is designed to be a complete system (used throughout all rooms in the property), although you don’t need to keep it on all the time, it is vital that it is enabled in all rooms, at least at an adequate temperature.

Try to not hang up washing to dry inside the house. As it gets warmer use a washing line if available. If it is still rainy use an airing room or the bathroom to hang washing up to dry but make sure to shut the door otherwise water particles can make other rooms in the property damp. Good practice is to use the extractor fan or leave at least one window in the room on the latch. 20% of respondents in the UK have experienced problems with damp and mould in their property last year.

Replace batteries - in smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, etc. – you may easily forget about these devices but they are life saving after all!

Clean appliances – tumble drier vents get full of dust and excess fabric from clothes, leaving it will cause the appliance to not work efficiently resulting in higher costs. This is the same with washing machine fill hoses and fridge coils.

Prepare gardening equipment for the end of spring/summer. Sharpen the cutting blade and replace oils in lawn mowers (this can lengthen the life of the mower). Test other equipment like electric trimmers and saws, as you don’t want to find when it comes to using one it doesn’t work!