New Tenancy Agreements

New Tenancy Agreements

A new, comprehensive tenancy agreement

Docusign makes signing easier!

New Tenancy Agreements

Our experienced Landlords and Tenants will know that there have been a number of genuinely significant changes to Residential Lettings Legislation over the past couple of years; some of which have been complex and very difficult to understand. 

Added to the legislation has been a great deal of ‘Case Law’, which itself has highlighted  the way in which the industry as a whole needs to change to reflect best practice’ and better protect our customers. 

As a part of this evolution, it became clear to the Maher Ross team that a new and comprehensive Tenancy Agreement was needed; one that could offer our customers better clarity and better protection.  

To create the agreement, we consulted with a large number of well-respected sources, including  Painsmith Solicitors, Dutton Gregory Solicitors, the Association of Residential Lettings Agents, The National Landlords’ Association, Shelter, the Isle of Wight Council and of course, a whole raft of recently introduced legislation.   

The brief for the new Tenancy Agreement was simple - leave less headroom for error, reflect recent legislative changes and to provide a platform for ‘best practice’  within our industry.  In short, we wanted our new agreement to provide significantly enhanced protection for our Tenants and for our Landlords.

The Maher Ross are now using the enchanced tenancy agreement - the only down-side that we can see for tenants is that it's now 27 pages long!

To make life easier, we'll be introducing 'Docusign' or electronic signatures over the next few weeks.  This means that to sign or extend a tenancy, you'll simply need to open an email and 'click' on the agreement - it really will be that simple!

If you would like any more information on either the new Maher Ross Tenancy Agreement, Docusign, or the legislation that has driven these changes, you are very welcome to contact Graham Jolliffe at Maher Ross.