Bleach may not be the answer...

Typically found in corners

Mould developing near a window

Typical Mould Spores

Bleach may not work!


Condensation can be a serious problem that causes black mould on walls, furniture and clothes.  If left untreated this can cause damage to your property and may even increase the potential for adverse medical effects.

Condensation is very common and can be found not only in older style properties but also in modern properties where ventilation is more restricted.

It is generally created by the way in which a person lives in a property but can easily be made worse if  there is penetrating or rising damp. Some ways of helping to reduce  the effects of condensation are:

  • Dry your washing outside - NOT on your radiators.
  • Keep your property heated to at least 15 degrees ALL of the time.
  • Shut your bathroom door and use the extractor fan and open the winow until the condensation clears.
  • Use saucepan lids and turn your extractor fan on when cooking.
  • Clean any black mould with BLACK MOULD REMOVER - bleach just won't do it!
  • Report any penetrating or rising damp using FIXFLO to Maher Ross.

The good news is that most condensation problems are solvable and plenty of advice is availble.  The National Landlord's Association has put together a great Video that expains how to control condensation...

Controlling Condensation and Mould Growth - an NLA Guide

 This video only lasts a few minutes but we've found it to be really informative.

We've also found another great video at:

Home Energy Scotland

   If you would like to discuss a condensation issue with the Maher Ross Team, please speak to Graham or Paul for futher information.