Betsy Rides Again!

Betsy Rides Again!

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Betsy Rides Again!

We'd like to offer our congratulations to our ‘unstoppable’ friend Betsy Sellar of Newbarn Farm in Calbourne.  Pensioner Betsy rode her quad bike over 70 miles around the Island to raise funds for the Special Boat Service (SBS) Association.  The SBS are the Royal Marine Commando Special Forces Unit and they have historically undertaken many of the most dangerous, deadly and arduous military missions going and the charity exists to support members and former members of the Service who are in need of help because of financial hardship or sickness.

Betsy, who is 79 years old, took the journey all in her stride.  Two of Betsy’s sons are retired Royal Marine Commando's - Trevor served 38 years and Kevin served for 22 years.  Betsy's family, together with  everyone in Calbourne, and all of those that know her well from the Calbourne Car Boot Sales (which she used to patrol ruthlessly on her quad bike) are very proud of her.

Betsy said "I learnt to ride a quad bike 9 years ago when we kept sheep - but now I'm nearly 80, the insurance has just got too expensive".  Now that Betsy has 'hung up' her helmet for the last time - we can tell her that we're very proud of her and we congratulate her for having raised over £2000 for the charity.

Well Done Betsy - how about a sky-dive for your next event?