Is it Christmas Already?

Is it Christmas Already?

Our Christmas Tree!

Jane and Ivan

Jed hands over a Chicken!

The Junior Mahers Like the Chicken!

A worthy charity - Kent Brain Injury Forum

Is it Christmas Already?

Ivan and Jane have just made their annual trip from the North Pole to the Maher Ross office to decorate our tree for us. 

Ivan, a self-confessed 'Christmas Nut' can be seen adoring the tree - Jane, on the other hand, prefers Ivan but was very happy to help!

In payment for making such a good job of decorating our tree, we were delighted to hand over a cheque for £100 towards their chosen charity - "BIF" - or Kent Brain Injury Forum.  For reasons we're not certain of, Jed then handed over 4 chickens - something that only Jed can do well!

The forum fights hard to promote and look after the rights and interests of patients with brain injuries and you can see more about what they do by visiting:

Please help them if you can.