"Streetview" helps you to choose your new home!

Maher Ross are delighted to have added 'Streetview' to their website. This facility helps customers view the property as if standing right beside it and even enables you to 'walk around' the local area to check on the neighbours!

Graham commented "It is a great way to 'find your way around' a local area and to see what one of our properties really looks like from the street. Of course not every property we advertise can be included on Streetview - many of them are in tucked away or secluded locations...but overall, this facility will certainly help our customers to make an informed choice when it comes to selecting a new properties".

To use Streetview, simply click on the property you are interested in and click on the wording 'Streetview' above the picture. you can then use the built in controls to 'look around'.

Maher Ross from the Street!