We Raised Some Money!

We Raised Some Money!

We Raised some Money!

Christine and Sarah inspect the new Fire Engine

Cake is funny!

Christine answers the phone

More of our Locals!

Eating Cakes...Again!

More tea vicar?

We Raised Some Money!

We were delighted to have been joined by so many of our customers and friends this morning for our innaugral "MacMillan Coffee Moring".  We ate plenty of cake and drank plenty of tea and coffee - managing to raise an astonishing £240 towads McMillan Cancer Support.

Sarah and Maria were especially delighted that Ryde Fire and Rescue Service also came along - armed with their latest 'computer driven' Fire Engine costing over £300,000.  (Nothing to do with the Firemen of course).

We were also very grateufl to have our faithful Panto Dame 'Christine' along to serve tea, answer the phones and generally shout "Hellooooo" in her usual panto voice.  Chris Stroud, on the other hand was nowhere to be seen for the morning!

We really wanted to thank all those that attended for making the effort and for helping us to raise well over £240 towards McMillan Cancer Support.

It's not too late to help though - simply click on the link below and help us to support those who really need it...