Ryde Fire Station's Everest 13 Challenge

Ryde Fire Station's Everest 13 Challenge

Everest 13



Ryde Fire Station's Everest 13 Challenge

The Maher Ross Team would like to say well done to everyone that took part in the Everest 13 Challenge that took part on 5th & 6th August. Ryde Fire Station are known for their 'wacky' events to help raise money for their charities - The Ryde Fire Station Charity Fund and The Wight Brainy Bunch. Some of their events include carrying a fire service ladder around the whole of the Isle of Wight, running inside a giant hamster wheel for 24 hours and even their very own "I'm a Firefighter, Get Me Outta Here".

This years event saw a team of 10 Firefighters climb a 10M high tower on a fire servie ladder continuously for 24 hours to reach a distance 13 times the height of Mount Everest ! The total distance that the team climbed was in fact 71770m !!

To watch how the guys have done, follow them on Social Media on Twitter and Facebook

To donate, go over to their Just Giving page