Beer and Buses 2016!

Beer and Buses 2016!

Supporting Beer and Buses 2016

We are all looking forward to it

Beer and Buses 2016!

We're absolutely delighted to have been asked to sponsor the Isle of Wight "Beer and Buses" 2016 event.

Many of our followers will know that whilst we quite like classic buses, beer is a subject which really is very close to our hearts.  Combined with a bus and walking festival to be held on the 15th and 16th of October this year - what really could be better?

The event is fast becoming an essential 'must do' on the Island's Calendar and is helping to bring many thousands of extra visitors to the Island in the Autumn, when tourism to the Island is normally starting to slow down.

We wish the Beer, Bus and Walking Team the very best of luck - and we hope to see some of our Landlords and Tenants whilst we're out for the weekend - maybe enjoying a beer or  walk too?

Plenty more information can be found on the event by clicking HERE!