Sleigh Around the Island for 'Kissy Puppy'

Sleigh Around the Island for 'Kissy Puppy'

All of the Reindeers - Mandy is pictured second from right

Pulling into Maher Ross

How heavy is an MDF Sleigh!

Sleigh Around the Island for 'Kissy Puppy'

We would like to congratulate Mandy Trigg from Binstead for her recent amazing achievement.  Mandy, together with her fellow team of 13 Reindeers managed to drag Santa's sleigh on foot, 52 miles around the Isle of Wight.

The team collected donations on the way - Mandy herself managing to raise over £700 towards the event and the total expected to top £3000!

The money will go towards the Kissy Puppy Appeal - who's latest venture was to open a 'Butterfly Garden' at the Mountbatten Hospice.

Graham Jollife, Director of Maher Ross said "This really was an amazing challenge. The sleigh was so heavy and the terrain, especially around the 'back of the Wight, is ridiculously tortuous; added to that, they had to fight through a flood at Beaper's Shute and 60 mile an hour winds on the Military Road to get round.  It came as a real shock to me when we had to pay up!"

Mandy asked us to especially mention Luanne Wade and Jason Thorpe, the organisers and motivators behind this impressive charity event.