A Fresh New Approach!

A Fresh New Approach!

Chris accepts the keys from Steve Moseley

Our line-up!

Dark Car

The Team Collect

Close Ups!

A Fresh New Approach!

Team Maher Ross are delighted to announce the introduction of their new Team Cars - Volkswagen 'Ups'.

We chose the cars because they're sporty and economical and we hope that they reflect our ethos - smart, hardworking and professional!

We always try to source all of our equipment on the Island but Steve Moseley, from Peter Cooper Cars in Southampton had 3 cars with the exact specifications that we needed - at a price that we just couldn't get close to on the Island - and that's even having taken the car ferry into account!

We hope that you like the new and improved logo - we're so busy at the moment that you're bound to see one of our cars soon!