Nearly Christmas?

Nearly Christmas?

Fake Father Christmas Fixes Tree!

Jane and Ivan have been working hard on the tree since 2011

Chris Maher was outvoted on the tree again!

Humble Beginings!

At Night...

Nearly Christmas?

We're very sorry that it's come around so fast but, believe it or not, it really is nearly Christmas again! 

We've got our own 'pretend Father Christmas' in Ivan who, when he's not working on his beard, volunteers to spends a couple of days each year working on the Maher Ross tree.

Ivan and Jane have been coming to the Island since 2011 to decorate the Maher Ross Christmas Tree - and we really are very grateful to them for the amazing effort they make.

We receive an enormous number of positive comments for our tree each year and we're all very proud it - we hope you enjoy it too!

Thankyou Ivan and Jane - same time next year?