Well Done the Island Fire and Rescue Service!

Well Done the Island Fire and Rescue Service!

Get me out of here - No, Really PLEASE get me out of here!

Fire-fighting with Snakes!

A Visitor to Maher Ross

Hiding before the next challenge!

This is what its about - handing out some cash!

Kelvin now even has time to re-propose!

Well Done the Island Fire and Rescue Service!

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to the Island’s Fire Service for their incredible fundraising this year - especially because ALL of the charities supported by the events all operate in direct support of the Island’s residents. 

The ‘100  Here 100 There’ challenge  was organised by Kelvin Wright and concludes about 8 years of tireless charity work by him and  the ‘100’ team.

The year’s events again centred around cycling and we offer our congratulations for the hard-pressed team of cyclists who managed to complete a course of over 2400 kms, by cycling from the Isle of Wight, to Monaco and then back again - all within 12 very hard days!  Some of the route even stretched over the Alps and took in some of the most technically  challenging cycling terrain in the world.  Despite atrocious conditions, it was the difficulty of the challenge that has ultimately made it some of the most satisfying cycling that the team had ever undertaken.

This year, the Fire and Rescue Service team raised well over £20,000 for charities that directly benefit Island people and Maher Ross were proud to have been invited to play a small part.

We particularly enjoyed a weekend of ‘I’m a Firefighter, Get Me Out of Here!” which was played out over the course of a weekend on Ryde Esplanade.  A large crowd gathered to watch some of the tougher Rescue personnel take on a number of intense challenges - many of which centred around either sheer endurance,  or being able to eat and drink things that no sane person would!

The year’s fundraising was completed in real style at an emotionally charged presentation evening held in Ryde Fire Station on the 17th October.

The Maher Ross team, headed by Graham Jolliffe and Chris Maher, really felt  like we were a part of the Fire and Rescue Service family and we’re looking forward to supporting them in whatever they choose to do next. 

Kelvin is now hanging up his charity mantle and we wish him the very best in the future - especially with all the free-time he’s going to have!.  We really do congratulating for heading up his amazing team but for now, we all agree he has earnt a well-deserved rest!

Well Done the Island’s Fire and Rescue Service!


Further information can be found at:   http://www.iow100.com/

Charities supported included:   

Cruse Bereavement Care

Wessex Cancer Trust

Alzheimer Café UK


Isle of Wight Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

The Familes of Ocean Ward