Brownies Last Day!!!

Brownies Last Day!!!

Brownie says goodbye to the Maher Ross Team!

Brownies Bike

Brownie Qualfies as a Pilot!

Bye Brownie!

Brownies Last Day!!!

We were all really sad to hear that our regular postman, 'Brownie' (Alan Brown) was leaving the Royal Mail.  After 40 years of delivering mail - 7 of which were to the Maher Ross team - Brownie has finally decided to hang up his hat and his satchel.

Brownie said "I'm really sad to be leaving but I'm getting old now - I'm especially sad that I won't have an excuse to see Sarah and Maria every day - but you won't be able to stop me from coming back anyway!"

Graham said "It's just not going to be the same around here without Brownie...we might start to get our mail undamaged and on time now!"

Brownie, who is a keen horseman, rides a motorbike and is also a qualified pilot (seen pictured above).  We look forward to seeing more of him in his retirement - albeit he is still working hard to serve the community as a Retained Fire-fighter.

Good luck on your Retirement!