Jed's Mad about Ducks!

Jed's Mad about Ducks!

Jed in Ohio with some American Poultry Specialists (Jed\'s second from right)

Jed's Muscovy

Jed's Goose!

Jed's Mad about Ducks!

Congratulations go to Maher Ross' own poultry enthusiast Jed, who has recently passed his ‘Rare Breeds Judging Test’ at the Poultry Club of Great Britain’s National Show.  Jed had arrived back in the UK just after attending the Ohio National Poultry Show in Columbus.

Jed said 'Visiting the National Show in Ohio was a great experience, and I had a great time meeting exhibitors and judges from all across the USA. I was very lucky to make plenty of new friends and I hope to be able to make another trip to another one of their shows soon.'

Jed was successful in managing to pass his sixth judging test qualification, leaving just two left to complete before reaching the ultimate ‘A Panel’ status, which will qualify him to judge every variety of poultry (and substantially reduce the average age of A Panel judges).

Jed already often finds himself away judging on the mainland, with shows in Wales, Scotland and Southport amongst those that he will be officiating between now and the end of January.