Tenant Fee Update

Tenant Fee Update

Nappies Blocked Your Drains?

Tenant Fee Update


With a couple of weeks to go, David Cox, Chief Executive of Propertymark (which includes the Association of Residential Letting Agents)  has clarified an important part  of the ‘Tenant Fee Ban’.

It was widely considered that the ban would mean that from the 1st June 2019, landlords would not be able to charge tenants for call-outs caused by the (fairly typical) ‘Nappies blocked the toilet’ or ‘My kettle flipped the circuit breakers’ scenarios.

David confirmed that if a tenant does damage a property or its infrastructure, then it would be entirely acceptable under the act’s “Damages Provisions” to charge the tenant directly for the costs of repaits. This was particularly important for the areas where a landlord has “Repairing Obligations” for example with electricity, drainage or security.

If a tenant refuses to pay for the repairs, it would then be acceptable to pursue them for payment through the Courts or deduct the costs from the deposit at the end of their tenancy.

Graham Jolliffe, Director of Maher Ross added “This is a welcome break for landlords; without this clarification, it was thought that landlords would have to foot the bill for irresponsible tenants - this guidance is very clear, and welcomed by the industry”.