Getting Those Gutters Cleared

Getting Those Gutters Cleared

Leaves Blocking Your Gutters

Gutters Overflowing

Getting Those Gutters Cleared

Save yourself from expensive repairs by getting your gutters cleaned.

Most of the leaves have now fallen and many may have settled into the gutter areas of your rental property. We recommend using a reliable company who specialise in this area using professional equipment to clear the gutters, for example 360 Property Maintenance Ltd who use a powerful vacuum system to suck any debris from the gutter. 360 Property always put safety first and their work is all done from the safety of the ground.

No ladders, No mess, no fuss and at a price you can trust, from residential to commercial they can reach them all, up to 3 stories high.

Just give them a call on 01983 406061.

All dirt and debris taken away and recycled on the same day, free quotation avaialble.

Prices start from a reasonable £50.00 all done from the safety of the ground.

So contact 360 Property Maintenance Ltd for your free no obligation quote today. They will arrange a time that is suitable for you to have them inspected. Reliable and friendly service always.

Remember safety is paramount. Don't attempt to clean those gutters off ladders.