Grenfell Tower - The Initial Implications

Grenfell Tower - The Initial Implications

Grenfell Towers Jun 2017

There are no excuses.

Grenfell Tower - The Initial Implications

The Maher Ross Team offer their solidarity and support for the victims of the Grenfell Tower Block Disaster.

Graham Jolliffe, Director, said "Our hearts go out to the family and freinds of those that have been affected and it's right that the implications of this horrific disaster will be studied through a full-blown public enquiry.

We hope that this dreadful incident will help to increase fire safety standards across the UK - and in the mean-time, we urge Managing Agents and Landlords to dust off their "Fire Risk Assessments" and act on the recommendations within them."

Our Friends at Painsmith Solicitors have studied the initial implications of the disaster from a local Housing Association perspective:

Following on from the tragic events of last week the DCLG issued guidance to all local authorities and Housing Associations in respect of fire safety checks predominantly aimed at cladding of blocks of flats. In particular concerns have been raised over what is known as Aluminium Composite Materials (ACM).

The Department is arranging procedures so local authorities who identify blocks with such cladding can have the same tested. Other Freeholders of blocks of flats are recommended also to review their own blocks and consider whether or not their block may be so affected. A dedicated email address has been set up for Freeholders and their representatives to use being:

The Government guidance can be found here

As well as considering the cladding on any block we would urge all block managers and freeholders to review any existing fire safety risk assessments and consider whether in light of the Grenfell Tower tragedy a review should be undertaken.