Leaks & Flooding - Who is Responsible?

Leaks & Flooding - Who is Responsible?

Water Leak

Leaks & Flooding - Who is Responsible?

From our Friends at Painsmith Solicitors

Your property may have issues with leaks and flooding from neighbouring flats. Tenants are likely to look to you to make and damage good, but its not always that simple.

If a leak or flooding damages the structure of the property e.g. the walls, ceilings or plasterboard, it is usually your responsibility as the landlord to make good under the statutory duty to repair.

If this is the case works should be undertaken within a “reasonable period” and to a “reasonable standard”. If you are relying on your insurance policy to pay for repairs, tenants may need to provide access for any insurance surveyors.

If a tenant’s possessions have been damaged due to a leak or flooding you as the landlord may not be responsible or liable for this damage. If damage to a tenant’s possessions are caused by a leak or flooding from a third party’s property then the tenant may wish to pursue a claim against the third party. Maher Ross always recommends that a tenant takes out a contents insurance policy to cover such damages.

You may be liable for damage to a tenant’s possessions if the leak or flooding was caused due to your property being in a state of disrepair. As always, its best to keep your property in a good condition and to carry out regular inspections; Maher Ross can help you with this – Simply call 01983 563000

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