Some Landlords are Blind to New Regulations!

Some Landlords are Blind to New Regulations!

Blind Cord Safety

Some Landlords are Blind to New Regulations!


Information provided by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

The British Standards Institution published new standards in early 2014 based upon the European Standards on safety requirements to address certain risks posed to children by internal blinds, curtains, corded window coverings and safety devices.

There are an estimated 200 million window blinds, curtains and associated pull cords in UK homes and this has resulted in 14 blind cord related deaths since 2010.

Any blinds which are installed with cords and chains have to be installed with breakaway connectors, cord and chain safety retainers or cleats and the cords and chains have to be maintained at a minimum 1.5 metres from the floor level and secured with a complaint safety device. Without this device the blind is not compliant, even if the chain is 150cms or more off the floor.

Low Level Blinds – If the installation height of the blind is less than or around 150cms from the floor then an operating chain with a maximum loop of 20cms can be used. Although the bottom loop of the chain will be closer than the allowed 150cms, the 20cm maximum size loop is deemed to have removed the hazard.

If you are buying new blinds to fit in your property, make sure they are ‘safe by design’ or have the appropriate safety devices included.

You can download the full ROSPA sheet here:

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