Construction, Design & Management 2015

Construction, Design & Management 2015

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Construction, Design & Management 2015

Landlords are you aware of the changes?

Since April 2015, Construction, Design and Management (CDM) regulations have applied to all construction projects - regardless of their size or duration and this ends the 'Small Project Exemption' contained in the 2007 regulations.

What this means for our Landlords is that all contractors and workmen working on a Landlord's property are legally required to comply with the CDM regulations - and it's the Landlord's job to make sure they do comply!

To the uninitiated, this may at first seem ridiculous but the regulations are no joke - CDM 2015 places a far greater emphasis on Landlords, defined in the regulations as a Client (any person for whom a project is carried out) and makes them ultimately responsible for ensuring there are suitable arrangements for the management of any maintenance or repairs (including simple repairs). A breach of these duties can result in criminal prosecution and a hefty range of sanctions. 

A key feature of CDM 2015 is that it now replaces the previous requirements with a general duty that Landlords must ensure that the parties to be appointed have the skills, knowledge and experience (and if they are an organisation, the organisational capability), necessary to fulfil the intended role.  Previously, Landlords had to appoint ‘competent’ people, but now they must appoint them in a manner that secures the Health and Safety of any person affected by the work. 

If Landlords don't ensure that their contractor or designer complies with the regulations, then they could become personally responsible and this could lead to an unlimited fine and a criminal prosecution.

Maher Ross are here to help!

Maher Ross ensure that the contractors we instruct comply with the relevant CDM 2015 Regulations.  We always appoint competent and professional people and we make sure they comply with the Regualations that are now required.

We take the regulations seriously because a large part of the work we do is to provide protection for our Landlords.  Health and safety offences that lead to death or injury can result in unlimited fines and imprisonment for those who are found responsible.  Whether you're a Fully Managed or Tenant Find Landlord; It's clearly more important than ever to make sure your workmen and building contractors are chosen very carefully.