How Safe Should a Home be?

How Safe Should a Home be?

Check your smoke alarms!

How Safe Should a Home be?

Graham recently attended the National Landlords’ Association (NLA) Safer Homes Course held in Southampton which covered some significant changes in the legislation affecting privately rented properties. 

The course covered a Landlord’s legal obligations, suggested best practice and covered a number of practical examples based on real cases - where things have gone significantly wrong in the past. 

The course covered...

 •The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)

•Gas safety and carbon monoxide

•Fire safety

•Electrical safety of fixed installations and portable appliances

•Working at height

•Glazing and windows

•Condensation and mould

•Asbestos management

•Water supply and control of legionella

•Safety notices and product recalls

•Construction (design and management) responsibilities

Of course, there are some real incentives for landlords to make sure that their properties comply with the ever-increasing standards that are now required because unlimited fines and criminal prosecution are probably the worst outcomes.

Maher Ross are continually working hard to ensure that that their Fully Managed properties are safe for tenants, guests and visitors alike.  If you would like further information about  how to make your own property safe and compliant with best lettings practice, just give Graham or Maria a call on 01983 563000.