Legionella and landlords responsibilities

Legionella and landlords responsibilities

Unsafe Water

Heavily corroded and contaminated galvanized storage tank

Combi boiler system with unused conections

An unsecure biodegradeable poor fitting tank lid

Unlagged storage tank with no lid or Byelaw 30 kit installed

Sludge and scale in the bottom of a storage tank providing food for bacteria

Lack of a 3 monthly clean of a shower head, on a combi system boiler

Legionella and landlords responsibilities

We're often asked by our Landlords to specifically confirm the responsbility they have for carrying out a risk assessment for legionella every 2 years in the properties they let.

All the guidance you need can be found at:

Landlords infromation from the HSE

The benefit of using Maher Ross to undertake the Legionella assessment is that as lettings specialists, we are able to offer practical advice on the work that really needs to be carried out and we wont identify any work that isn't really essential for completion of the Risk Asessment.

Of the large number of Legionella Assessments that we've completed across the Island, we have identified a few properties that were in the 'at-risk' category - and of course our Landlords were able to take sensible and inexpensive precautionary measures to remedy this.

Some of the items identified in our properties can be seen in the attached photographs - generally it's been down to missing lids and tank insulation, limescale and deposit build-up, quite a few plumbing 'dead-legs', and a couple of boilers that couldn't achieve a high enough temperature to be able to kill the bug.

The full regulations can be found HERE.

Thanks to our friends at The Mail On Sunday for an informative article they ran on the 3 June 2017. In line with governement guidelines, we have had the pleasure of taking every oportunity to ensure we carry out a full  Legionella Risk Assessment in our rental properties and for others companies on the Isle of Wight who have other rental properties and holiday Lets.

The Mail On Sunday Legionella Article

You can get much more information by contacting our Property Manager, Paul, on 01983 563000.