Improved Repair Reporting!

Improved Repair Reporting!


Improved Repair Reporting!

In response to the changes in legislation which came into force on the 1st October 2015, the Maher Ross team are delighted to announce a significant improvement in the way that we handle repairs for our fully managed properties.  The system we have chosen to use is called 'Fixflow' and we're introducing it from Monday 21st December 2015 ...

What is Fixflo?

Fixflo is an online repair reporting system for rented properties.

It helps landlords and property managers to deliver repairs more quickly and efficiently.

The system guides tenants in any of 40 languages to identify their precise issue.

It then prompts them with advice on how to fix simple issues themselves, educates tenants on issues they are responsible for and prompts them to provide the information that is needed to fix their problem.

All of the messages to tenants have been customised by Maher ross so that they are appropriate for our tenants and the unique way that the Isle of Wight does business!

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